General Promotion


Dear friends!

The STAR WAY company announces the opening and begins active work with a grandiose promo action, in which the best of the best will be determined. The promotion starts from September 1, 2023 to September 1, 2025, the first award will be based on the results of 2024-2025.

On the basis of the promotion, the income from the purchase of all horoscopes will be distributed annually among the 5 winners in the following positions:

1st place 3% of the company's income
2nd place 2.5% of the company's income
3rd place 2% of the company's income
4th place 1.5% of the company's income
5th place 1% of the company's income

With a monthly turnover of the company of at least 10,000 USDT.

The presence of a smart contract allows everyone to exercise full control over the purchases of the company's horoscopes, so everything is open and transparent.

We hope that the promotion will help you increase your income and invite many new partners to cooperate! The calculation is carried out according to the following formula:


O × K × ((N + 1) × 0,2)   P × (S × S × 0,1)

M   1000 
O - Total number of people in the structure
K - Number of directly paid partners
M - Number of months of work in the company
N - Number of directly invited partners in the current month
P - Number of horoscopes purchased by the entire structure
S - The number of structures that bought horoscopes


10 points are assigned monthly for 1st place, 9 points for 2nd place, 8 points for 3rd place, etc., and 1 point for 10th place.

These points are summed up from the 1st to the 12th month and the partners with the most points from 1st to 5th place will become shareholders of the company with an annual distribution of profits.

Partners who take 6th to 10th places will be awarded valuable prizes and gifts.

At least 3 active structures and a monthly increase in the created structures are a prerequisite.


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