Map of investition calculation

How it works

Any visitor to our site can use a special calculator of (approximate) received income in STAR WAY 2.0 program. This online tool is simple and easy to use, which guarantees its popularity.

Based on the results of the calculations, you can predict the movement of cash flows so as to extract the maximum benefit with minimum costs.

When using a calculator, you need to:

  • designate the amount of expected personal purchase of horoscopes, noting in the table the planned activations of astrosets.

  • indicate the planned number of direct invitees and the total number of invitees of the whole structure.

Estimated number initially:

  • direct mines: 1
  • total number of structure: 4

The calculator works by calculating the same amount of activations of astrosets by all specified partners of your structure. If your total activation amount for purchased horoscopes is 1000 USDT, the calculation will be made on the basis of 1000 USDT by each of your specified program partners.

Each participant should understand that this is an approximate calculation of results and the exact amount of income will depend on the distribution level of each astroset.

The calculator program uses a self-learning algorithm and put your results to work better. We will be very grateful for your help in your work.


1 536
3 072
6 144
12 288
24 576
49 152
98 304
Number of astrosets
Number of horoscopes
Entry, USDT
Expected result

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